NekoRein (neptunesubmerge) wrote,

I don't clean.

One of the many things I hate about the cell phone that I hate a lot is that I can never freaking find the charger. The cats chew on it, so I have to put it "away" after every use, but given that I am envious of the memory a goldfish possesses, I can never remember where "away" is. It seems to me that the only sensical place for "away" to be is in a desk drawer.

...yeah, my desk drawers are interesting places. I finally got fucking fed up and started pulling shit out to organize/throw away/ect. Remember when I did the entry in which I found drawings under my bed that were over 10 years old? Yeah, this is going to be like that.

Things Found in Kristen's Desk Drawers
--the monologue I printed out in 1999 when I wanted to try out for a school play. I got stage fright and never did go to the auditions.
--my attempt to list all 150 original pokemon by number.
--a 9th grade science lab dated 8/27/98 from when I was totally in love with my lab partner (AKA, the completely hot yet completely untrustworthy douche that I pined for throughout high school and is at least 75% responsible for my low opinion of men. In case you are wondering, he's not on Facebook. I just checked.)
--a flier for the Dimensional Hammer Otaku Society. (Hi, Cat!) This looks like a business card, but it is printed on regular sized paper, so I'm confused.
--a floppy disk. Can't even begin to guess what's on it.
--a cloth to wipe glasses with. I don't wear glasses, never have, BTW.
--pamphlet for UNCA, a college I never actually applied to. Figured if I went to the school my sister went to, I'd just follow her around for a year. For the sake of personal growth (and not being annoying...!)
--my learners permit! Awww...
--a wristwatch I would be inclined to wear if I was the sort of person who didn't utterly loathe wristwatches.
--a list of titles for G Gundam fanfics.
--another wristwatch. I think people used to notice I never wore a watch, so everyone gave me a watch for Christmas every year. I remember at least one year where I got three watches. Now no one wears a watch because we all use our cellphones to tell the time, but I was ahead of the curve!
--three more floppy disks. These ones are numbered.
--the receipt from when I bought Fight Club in 2002.

Things that I knew where in there include the ticket stub to every movie I've seen since 2004 and the keys to my handcuffs.

ETA: No charger yet...!
ETA 2: My charger was in my purse...
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