NekoRein (neptunesubmerge) wrote,

Mostly Christmas Mumbo Jumbo

I have yet to find something I like about Christmas, but among my least favorite things is wrapping presents. I am just as bad at it now as I was when I was 10 and first started doing this myself. There should really be some improvement with practice, but no.


I got an A in student teaching. (I am awesome.)


My new favorite thing is Cobb salad. Cobb salads are weird though, because I can't quite determine if there is an official dressing that is supposed to go on a Cobb salad. Some places let you choose your dressing and other places have one that they put on it automatically. According to Wiki, when it was invented, the dressing was a vingarrette, but I've never had one with that kind of dressing. I am currently leaning towards honey dijon on a Cobb salad.


I am a Christmas poacher. I poach every else's unused gift ideas instead of coming up with my own. Cripes, I don't know what you people want.


Here are some conclusions we came to today:
1) If the kitties had some need to go somewhere in the cold weather, say, the vet, my mom would want to put little kitty coats on them. If they were outside cats, then she would not put coats on them because that might impede their outdoor survival needs.
2) Dewey would be fine with that. In fact, he would probably think its a pretty good idea.

So basically, before going to the doctor, Dewey would have to put his jacket on.


I am actually really surprised the cats do not have their own stockings.


For all intents, reasons and purposes, I am basically nine years old. Last weekend, when we were decorating the tree, I dropped my 2008 Iron Man* ornament. His head snapped off, one of his legs snapped off and his fingers snapped off. It was a lost cause. I was ready to throw him away. But then my daddy gets out the super glue and fixes him!

And while he's doing this, I remember that this totally has happened to before, but the last time it was a Little Mermaid toy and I was in elementary school.

After he fixed him, I thanked my dad and he told me it was nothing I could not have done for myself. Which is true, only...I wouldn't have. The idea that it could be fixed was not something I really entertained.

* - I also have 2010 Iron Man ornament. It lights up, if you put the battery in. To date, I have not done so, and I bought it in August. Dude, it requires the use of a screwdiver!
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