NekoRein (neptunesubmerge) wrote,

Some days, you just gotta love your job

Context: I am currently teaching 4th grade. In Social Studies, we have been doing a unit about technology, how it changes over time and the advantages and disadvantages. Today’s chapter discusses “telecommuting,” and asks the children to break up the word to help them discern the meaning.

For the “tele” piece, I ask what words we know that also begin with “tele.” Television. Telephone. Telegraph. Where I’m going with this is that they all communicate over vast distances. So when a student suggests “teleport,” it is keeping that distance theme. Not sure that all my kids will be familiar with teleporting, I tell them that this is something they may have seen in Star Trek or X-Men.

A student calls out, “Iron Man.”

“No,” I answer, “Iron Man can’t teleport.”

Student is pertrubed. ”Yes, he can,” he insists.

“Do not,” I say, “argue with me about what Iron Man can and cannot do.”

(The kids also suggested Deadpool as a teleporter. I haven't seen the Wolverine movie, so I'm not sure if this is a good example or not. I know movie!Deadpool has a lot of powers. This leads to a confused child asking, " you watch X-Men?")
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